Orange and T-Mobile brands stay for now


Everything Everywhere says it has completed its brand review, but will not reveal details of the decision or a road map for the three brands it currently operates

Everything Everywhere will retain the Orange and T-Mobile brands for the immediate future, following the completion of its brand review.

The review was announced a year and a half ago following the merger of Deutsche Telekom-owned T-Mobile and France Telecom-owned Orange.

Since then the firm has opened a number of Everything Everywhere stores that feature both the T-Mobile and Orange brands.

The firm said it had now completed the review, but would not reveal what decisions had been made for the long term future of the firm’s brands as the plans were commercially sensitive.

An Everything Everywhere spokesperson said:”We have completed the brand review as planned and have agreed with our shareholders the way forward for our brand strategy.

“Given its commercial sensitivity, further details will not be discussed. At this time, we are maintaining momentum by continuing to focus on both the Orange and T-Mobile brands.”