Samsung and Juniper in enterprise security tie up


Samsung has partnered with Juniper Networks to provide enterprise customers with mobile security and connectivity services

Samsung has partnered with network innovator Juniper Networks to provide its enterprise customers with mobile security, secure connectivity and device management capabilities.

The deal will allow Samsung enterprise users to protect their devices and securely access network resources and applications such as company email and file sharing.

This is done through Juniper’s Junos Pulse solution which provides full layer VPN functionality, enabling secure “anytime, anywhere” access to any network accessible corporate application and resource.

Enterprise users will also have access to the latest version of Junos Pulse Mobile Monitoring Security Suite which allows them to remove any malicious applications from their Samsung handsets.

Handsets to carry the new capabilities include the Samsung Galaxy SII , Galaxy Note (pictured) and the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Samsung Electronics media solution centre vice president Jongshin Kim said the relationship between the two companies was a natural fit.

“We are delighted to partner with Juniper Networks using their Junos Pulse technology as they understand the needs of consumers and enterprise IT leaders in an increasingly mobile world that requires mobile security and device management.

Juniper Networks vice president and general manager for Junos Pulse Business Sanjay Beri said: Juniper and Samsung are committed to a partnership wherein the two companies will continue to deliver secure, business- ready solutions enhancing security posture for enterprise and enabling new differentiated offerings for service providers.”