Everything Everywhere axes 550 back office staff


Everything Everywhere announces it will lay off 550 back office staff at sites in Hatfield, Paddington, Bristol and Darlington

Everything Everywhere (EE) will slash 550 back office jobs at its sites in Hatfield, Paddington, Bristol and Darlington as CEO Olaf Swantee continues to streamline the operator’s functionality.

The job losses come less than a month after Swantee (pictured) axed 22 senior executives on October 13 and asked the remaining senior executives to report back to him to determine if any other changes needed to be made.

Staff were notified about the decision yesterday and a 90 day consultation period has now been entered before the cuts will take affect on February 1, according to the Communications Workers Union (CWU).

According to an EE spokesperson the current lay offs will affect four per cent of the company’s total staff count and of this four per cent 20 per cent of cuts will be to contractors.

“Following a review of its business, Everything Everywhere has announced proposed organisational changes to support the company as it transitions from integrating two businesses to a new phase focussed on accelerating the delivery of the company ambition,” the spokesperson said.

“As a result of the proposed new structure, regrettably, approximately 550 head office and support roles, or four per cent of the company, will leave the organisation over the coming months.

“The proposed reductions will come mainly from the head office functions and will not impact customer-facing teams.

“The new structure will help the company become more agile and ensure it is keeping in touch with customers’ needs.

“We recognise and would like to thank the individuals who may be impacted for their contributions to the business.”

The CWU said staff were “paying a massive cost” as a result of the lay offs, but said it had been assured by EE that no jobs would be lost in call centre roles or in shops.

CWU deputy general secretary Andy Kerr said: “We predicted large job losses when the merger was announced and redundancies in support roles will not come as a great shock to most staff, but that doesn’t make it any easier for those people affected. Staff are having to pay a massive price for the year old merger of Orange and T Mobile.

“The recent culling of senior executives following the departure of Tom Alexander and appointment of Olaf Swantee was the inevitable trigger for the cutbacks being visited on ordinary workers in the company.

“In talks with the company we are at least reassured that there are no plans to cut back on front line staff in call centres and shops, or to close buildings.

“We are offering as much practical support to our members in the back office support functions as possible during this difficult time.”




  1. 550 staff, wonder how many will get redundancy or will they sack them as they will not want to pay them! These are tactics used by large organisations and Orange are probably just as bad. These corps are not concerned with the people that work for them as they are just employee numbers. With jobs being sparse. Im sure Bristol has already seen cuts already and now Darlington where the jobs are even harder to come by in the North.

  2. What they don't tell you is that whilst the 550 represent 4% of overall EE, it's a whopping 14% of head/back office staff (ie excluding retail/cs). But 14% isn't such a friendly number to put in a press release