O2 comes out top for carbon reduction among operators


Operator ranked in top 5 per cent of 2,100 companies required to take action to reduce emissions of carbon

O2 has finished well ahead of Vodafone, Everything Everywhere and Three in an assessment of the efforts of 2,100 companies to reduce their carbon output.

The operator was ranked 108th in the Carbon Reduction Commitment table of companies that have been given a mandatory requirement by the government to reduce the carbon they produce.

Three was the next highest ranked operator at position 570 on the table, followed by Vodafone on 627 and Everything Everywhere on 648.

O2’s ranking, which is based on a range of metrics including total emissions, put it in the top five per cent of the companies included in the scheme.

Firms can improve their rankings via energy efficiency measures and by buying emissions credits under the cap and trade scheme.

For the full 2010/2011 reporting year, O2 emitted 123,701 tonnes of CO². The firm’s total emissions were slightly lower than Vodafone’s and significantly lower than Everything Everywhere’s.

However, Three, which has a far smaller customer base, had far lower emissions of just 34,445 tonnes of CO².

O2 said that the introduction of an Automatic Metre Reading programme had helped it monitor and manage its emissions since 2006, and to date the firm has invested £ 2 million in the metering programme.

O2 Energy & Carbon Manager Paul Eggleton said: “I’m very pleased with our performance in the CRC league table. We have been addressing our Carbon impacts for a number of years.

“As well as reducing emissions by introducing energy efficiency measures, firms can improve their rankings by purchasing allowances under carbon trading schemes.

“Although our carbon emissions remain our biggest impact on the environment, we continue to assess how we can reduce these through the use of new technologies and investment.

“We were also the first Mobile Operator to be awarded the Carbon Trust Standard in 2009 and our Carbon Management programme is a significant pillar in our Think Big Strategy which covers Planet and People.”