O2 launches Joined Up People to help firms be more flexible


Operator launches new package of services including consultancy, security and mobile device management to help firms adopt more flexible and effective working practices

O2 Enterprise is launching a new set of services designed to help firms introduce more flexible and effective working practices.

The package of services, called Joined Up People, will offer consultancy, security and mobile device management on top of O2’s core telecommunications products.

O2 will provide technical professional services and training to help firms adopt new practices through the new suite of services

Joined Up People will see O2 work with a number of partners to deliver specific services, including Cloud-based device discovery, lockdown and policy management from Fiberlink, mobile device management which includes firewall protection from Zenprise and remote secure access to company data, applications and files from Asavie.

O2 Unify will also provide security and device management services.

As part of Joined Up People, O2 is also introducing “flexible transition funds”, which will replace hardware and airtime credits given to firms as an upfront payment.

O2 Enterprise general manager David Plumb (pictured) said: “For growing numbers of employees, work is something they do rather than a place they go. Not only that, but many also want to use their own personal devices. For businesses, meeting these expectations can be a challenge but getting it right can increase productivity, harness innovation, reduce cost and provide employees with a better work/life balance.

“With Joined Up People, we’re able to take organisations through whatever steps are necessary on their journey towards truly effective flexible working.”