Network issues fixed – O2


O2 Customers are currently experiencing call dropping, low or no signal and SIM registration failure

O2 says network issues that affected customers in the UK as well as those travelling overseas this morning have now been resolved.

Mobile News received reports that some O2 customers’ handsets were displaying a message that read “SIM registration failed” and that there have been cases of customers being able to access minimal coverage or no coverage at all. Some customers have also reported dropping calls.

An O2 spokesperson told Mobile News it was aware of the issue which it said had only affected “around 50 customers” across the UK and that all issues had been resolved this morning.

It said its network service team had flagged the users and manually reconnected them to the O2 network, resolving the issues in the process.


  1. Same here – certainly not fixed. I contacted O2 this morning and was told they were having problems and there was no timescale.

    Mine is still not working.

    • Well it is now Wed evening and still no fix. I have just been in contact with O2 again and they say they cannot say when the problems will be fixed.

      You need to update your headline!

  2. This is definitely not fixed! I still have no service, and it has been like this since yesterday morning. The comments i had from o2 customer services is that this is an “internal o2 issue” and they can give no indication as to when the issue will be resolved! Furthermore, a quick scan online suggests that this is affecting many more than 50 customers!