RIM and Telefónica launch mobile wallet trial


Telefónica Wallet for BlackBerry’ trial will take place in Spain and allow Telefónica employees to make purchases and sign into work

O2’s parent company Telefónica and Research in Motion (RIM) will rollout a pilot version of their Telefónica Wallet for BlackBerry in Spain over the coming months.

The trial will which will see the service which is supported by the BlackBerry Bold 9900, Curve 9360 and Curve 9380 NFC enabled phones rolled out in conjunction with local banks and retailers.

In total 350 employees from Telefónica’s head office in Distrito, Spain who will be able to make payments by tapping their devices against a reader.

The employees involved in the trial will also be able to use their devises to swipe into the building each day when arriving for work.

It is hoped the trial will enable both companies to extend the technology to other countries in 2012, according to Telefónica chief operating officer Julio Linares who said RIM was chosen as the rollout partner due to the level of security its operating system presented.

“We have chosen the BlackBerry solution for this pilot because of the security that the platform brings,” Linares said.

“RIM’s participation has been key for this pilot project, and we are now planning to extend the project to more and more Telefónica employees around the world.”

Telefónica Digital chairman and CEO Matthew Key (pictured) confirmed the operator would roll out commercial services in 2012, although it is not yet known if this will include the UK.

“We are getting ever closer to the point where our customers will be able to take the contents of their wallets and put them on their mobiles,” Key said.

“Trials such as this are important to ensuring a great customer experience and we look forward to seeing the launch of commercial wallet services in several markets next year.”

RIM Co-CEO Jim Balsillie said: “RIM is committed to supporting the advancement of NFC and its many applications in the market.

“We have a strong partnership with Telefónica Group and we are very proud to participate in this important pilot, which allows people to use their BlackBerry smartphone in place of separate physical cards for mobile payments and building access.”





  1. With RIM’s core strength in messaging and security, it is very fitting that they are involved in this digital wallet project. It might be convenient to have a single device to perform all the purchases instead of roaming around with a bunch of credit cards. Thus it can reduce the number of stuff we need to carry with us. No more badges to be left at home!

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