Vodafone calls on companies to wake up to flexible working


Vodafone enterprise director Peter Kelly says only 59 per cent of UK companies allow employees to work remotely – a figure that must change to improve productivity

British companies have a long way to go before they realise how flexible working can benefit them Vodafone enterprise director Peter Kelly says.

Kelly (pictured) said currently 59 per cent of managers allowed their employees to work from home according to research gathered by the operator which interviewed 1,000 managers across the private and public sector.

He also said only 15 per cent of companies in the UK provide employees with tools to work from home such as laptops and broadband dongles, while 12 per cent hand out smartphones to staff.

Kelly believes attitudes need to change: “ Finding ways to effectively harness technology to benefit businesses needs to be high on the list of priorities for UK bosses.”

He said ‘Generation Y’ employees – those born after 1982 were increasingly demanding flexible working and businesses needed to provide for them in order to boost productivity.

“A new generation of workers is coming through the ranks. They prefer to work around their lives than the other way around,” Kelly said.

“Bosses still have a long way to go to realize how much this change in working culture and attitudes can benefit them.”