Cognatel in handset MVNO launch


MVNA Cognatel announces partnership with design agency CyCell to MVNO which includes customizable handset called the Easy Phone 

Design agency CyCell has launched a credit card-sized phone called Easy Phone that runs on its own MVNO and uses pictures, people’s names and even braille as call buttons to dial pre- stored numbers.

The device is connected through MVNA Cognatel on the Vodafone network and a CyCell SIM is embedded in the Easy Phone ‘seed phone’.

Easy Phone (pictured) can be branded using CyCell’s PrintPhone system, which prints any image or character on to the phone.The images then act as buttons and are paired with a range of numbers on a Cloud- based server for security.

Data Select will distribute the phone from orders placed on the CyCell website. The Easy Phone devices will be sold online and through brand partners on both pre- pay and monthly tariffs that have yet to be confirmed.

Easy Phone has no screen or keyboard. The concept was developed by CyCell CEO Tom Sunderland as a sim- ple device for children and elderly people to use.

“The market is in personalised units. It’s a new generic, particularity for the elderly market and people. It’s half- way between a red-button alarm phone and an easy-to- use mobile phone,” Sunderland said.

CyCell has raised around £1 million to develop Easy Phone and the PrintPhone system. The National Endow- ment for Science invested £35,000. Technology and the Arts (NESTA) put in £135,000. Southampton-based angel investors Angel put in £50,000