BT launches patent action against Google


British telecoms firm says Android infringes patents around location, navigation and personalisation of services

BT is suing Google for allegedly infringing a number of patents held by the British telecoms company with the uS search giant’s Android mobile operating system.

BT said that it was pursuing Google for infringing patents relating to location, navigation and personalised access to services.

The patents could also apply to other Google services, such as Google Maps and parts of Google’s core advertising business.

A BT spokesperson said: “The patents in question relate to technologies which underpin location-based services, navigation and guidance information and personalised access to services and content.

“BT’s constant investment in innovation has seen it develop a large portfolio of patents which are valuable corporate assets.

“This is about protecting BT’s investment in its intellectual property rights and innovation.

“It is a well-considered claim and we believe there is a strong case of infringement.”

BT says it has a portfolio of around 5,600 patents and applications worldwide, and over the last financial year has filed for patent protection on 62 inventions.

The legal action was filed in the US state of Deleware, which plays host to many of the patent suits that have engulfed the mobile phone industry.

Google has said that the claim has “no merit”.

Android has attracted a large number of patent suits form the likes of Apple and Microsoft, many of which have targeted the manufacturers of Android devices such as HTC and Samsung rather than Google itself.

However, BT’s desire to continue working with major manufacturers is thought to be behind the firm’s decision to target Google instead.