Thieves steal £300K of stock from Genuine Solutions depot


Accessories distributor offers £25,000 reward for information about December 3 break-in

Genuine Solutions is offering a £25,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of criminals who stole more than £300,000 worth of stock from its Chessington warehouse last Saturday.

Genuine’s depot was targeted on the afternoon of December 3 while its staff were all off duty. The break-in was only discovered the next day at 11:20 am.

The thieves entered the warehouse, located on the Barwell Business Park, by smashing through the wall of an empty building next door that is currently undergoing renovation. They evaded CCTV cameras by hiding behind boxes.

Genuine said its CCTV is not monitored 24/7 and its motion sensor alarm system was active on the day of the theft, but that it does not cover the part of the depot where the thieves struck.

Genuine Solutions co-founder Christian McBride (pictured left) declined to comment on whether the company suspected staff of involvement in the crime.

He said the perpetrators filled a white Mercedes Sprinter van, which was captured on external CCTV, with stock valued at more than £300,000.

McBride said high-value stock including BlackBerry and Sony Ericsson batteries, BlackBerry battery covers, Nokia Bluetooth headsets, SD memory cards, hands-free kits and data cables were selected and taken.

McBride said Genuine had lost around 20 per cent of its stock range from the warehouse as a result of the robbery.

The break-in is currently being investigated by the Metropolitan Police, which is already following up on a number of leads, McBride claimed.

Reward and appeal

McBride said he expected the stolen stock to reappear in the UK and said Genuine had offered the substantial reward in the hope that dealers and retailers who are offered the stock will come forward.

McBride said: “We expect a large proportion of the stolen goods to be diluted into the UK market, although some is likely to go overseas.

“If anyone is being offered a considerable amount of stock, then there is certainly something dodgy about it.

“It’s very strange in terms of how it happened but there are clues which are being investigated, but the Met have advised us against talking about them at the moment.

“As an independent business, it’s very frustrating for everyone here at the moment. It’s caused a lot of inconvenience for us in the lead-up to Christmas.”

Despite the break-in, McBride insisted Genuine would meet stock demands over Christmas.

It is the first theft to occur at one of Genuine’s warehouses.