Three the most complained about operator in Q3


Three continues to be the most complained about by customers to Ofcom, despite the network claiming improvements and reduction in complaints 

Three UK has continued to be the most complained about mobile operator after Ofcom released its latest complaints data for major telecoms providers during Q3.

Ofcom received 0.14 complaints per 1,000 customers about Three, an amount that didn’t change from the previous quarter.

The regulator said the complaints against Three had been largely driven by disputed charges and customer service issues.

A Three spokesman said: “We have improved the way we handle complaints over the past few months and saw a significant reduction in complaints in the early part of the summer, so it is disappointing to see these results. We will work with Ofcom to better understand the nature of the complaints. Customer service remains a focus for the business.”

The least complained about mobile operator over the period was O2 with o.02 complaints per 1,000 customers, a score the operator has maintained all year.

Ofcom received 0.07 complaints per 1,000 customers for Orange, Vodafone and Virgin Mobile, which was a slight increase for the latter two of the three. Ofcom attributed the rise in complaints against Virgin Mobile to billing and customer service issues.

However mobile complaint levels were much lower than for landline and fixed broadband services.

For example, TalkTalk Group came out on top in both areas, with Ofcom receiving 0.77 and 0.55 complaints per 1,000 customers respectively.

The number of complaints is published as a proportion of each provider’s customer base, which Ofcom said enables customers to compare providers on a level playing field.

The regulator added the quarterly report aims to provide useful information for consumers, and also to incentivise telecoms providers to improve their performance.