GK Telecom acquires TalkTalk’s Valuecall calling card business


Distributor to leverage retail partners to push Valuecall brand as it takes on 200,000-strong end user customer base

Calling card and airtime distributor GK Telecom has bought TalkTalk’s calling card business, Valuecall, for an undisclosed fee.

Slough-based distributor The Slough-based company now takes on a customer base of around 200,000 end users and will continue to market the business under the Valuecall brand.

GK Telecom was a supplier of the TalkTalk product prior to the acquisition. It will now supply its 15,000 retail partners with the calling cards for sale in their outlets, priced from between 80p and £16.

TalkTalk worked with around 25 distribution firms to get the product out to market prior to its purchase by GK Telecom.

GK Telecom finance director Atul Patel said it would work with the majority of these distributors to continue to supply the market with the calling cards.

He added the distributor is using this purchase to see if it wants to delve further into the calling card market and make similar buys.

“There perhaps wasn’t enough of an input from TalkTalk and it probably didn’t fit its business model,” Patel said.

“We’ve never delved into the calling card business as far as making our own product is concerned. Due to our database of retailers, there is no better time to go into it than now.

“In time we’ll reevaluate whether we want to proceed with more deals of this nature. This is the trial to see if we can make it work successfully.”