Daisy Wholesale enters into superfast broadband trial with BT


A successful trial could result in Daisy Wholesale offering a broadband service that doubles its existing download speeds

Daisy Wholesale has entered into a trial with telecoms provider BT that could see the download speeds of its fibre optic broadband service double to up to 80Mbps later this year.

A small selection of partners have been selected by Daisy Wholesale to take part in a trail of BT’s new faster fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) product.

The initial technical trial is available in a selected number of exchanges. Existing Daisy Wholesale FTTC customers, whose lines meet the trial criteria, have been submitted and agreed with BT Openreach.

Daisy Wholesale product manager Craig Peterson (pictured) said: “At present, Daisy Wholesale’s FTTC offers download speeds of up to 40Mbps, but demand has shown that businesses are still looking for faster speeds. These trials could see the download and upload speeds double to 80Mbps and 20Mbps respectively.

“This will involve us testing our network and order process ready for rollout in 2012. Before product launch, a further customer trial will take place when all the FTTC enabled exchanges will be available, and we will be able to open this out to additional partners with existing Daisy Wholesale FTTC circuits.”