Three reports 500pc NYE data surge


Surge in data usage on New Year’s Eve from 14 terabytes to 80 terabytes completely outpaces rising SMS and call traffic

Three customers used 500 per cent more data on last New Year’s Eve than they did on the same day a year before.

Total data usage on the network on December 31 2011 was 80 terabytes, up from 14 terabytes on the same day in 2010.

Data usage was also up massively on New Year’s day, hitting 74 terabytes, up from 14 terabytes on the Januar 1 2011.

Three said the total data downloaded by Three customers on New Year’s Eve was equivalent to 21 million MP3 tracks, or roughly 118,000 full-length DVDs.

Three said that total SMS and call traffic also increased, but nowhere near as rapidly.

The number of texts sent rose from 36 million on New Year’s Eve 2010 to 46 million last year.

The number of calls made rose from 19m last year to 21m this year.

Three marketing director Thomas Malleschitz (pictured) said: “It’s a phenomenal amount of growth and shows just how much smartphones are changing the way our customers communicate.

“It also shows just how important data bundles are becoming – and of course the value of plans which offer genuinely all-you-can-eat handset data allowances.”

Three says it expects that smartphone adoption will hit almost 100 per cent this year.