2012 predictions: Buymobilephones.net MD Paul Sisson


Buymobilephones.net managing director Paul Sisson thinks the likes of iOS and Windows Phone will bring the fight to Android this year in the operating system stakes

Last year, I predicted that Android would continue to grow in the consumer space. This year, I’m predicting that iOS will fight back and, along with the presence of Windows Phone 7 and 8, we are likely to have a fantastic battle ahead of us. I really hope that RIM can do something that excites the industry as well.

At the moment it is a two-horse race for the higher-end smartphones, and an exceptional iPhone 5 could swing the momentum in the direction of Apple. I hope that constant litigation between these mobile phone giants doesn’t ruin it for everyone.

In the UK it’s a one-horse race in the tablet arena. Android needs to improve the content available on its devices if it wants to be a serious alternative to iOS. Android tablets will find life even tougher when the Kindle Fire is launched in the UK.