2012 predictions: CCS Mobile managing director Chris Lee


CCS Mobile managing director Chris Lee thinks mobile specialists will benefit from the integration of application solutions and emerging handsets, widening the IT industry to the core mobile sector

“2012 promises to be one of the most exciting years to date for the communications industry.

“With the integration of application solutions such as Microsoft 365 and Vodafone One Net, and Windows-based mobile handsets such as the Nokia Lumia gaining traction in the business arena, mobile specialists could not be better placed.

“The deployment of such solutions no longer requires vast resources of IT knowledge and skill sets and therefore opens up the once traditional IT industry to the core mobile sector.

“As ever desirable smartphones and the applications that come with them – together with tablet-based PCs – become less prohibitively priced, demand for mobile data will rocket and the networks and dealers that have invested in this vision will enjoy an influx of new clients to whom they can provide true unified solutions.

“These accounts will bring with them higher ARPUs, but they will also bring higher expectations. I believe these clients will be with their partners of choice for longer periods than ever before.

“The current economic climate, which is certain to persist for the foreseeable future, puts great pressure on company IT budgets.

“Firms will seek to reduce their capital expenditure, and the smartest solution providers will have developed ready-made solutions, at a monthly cost, and will reap the rewards accordingly.”