2012 predictions: HTC UK & Ire executive director Phil Roberson


What used to be mobile phones will continue to turn into machines, according to HTC UK and Ireland executive director Phil Roberson, with the services offered being more important than the technical specs 

“2012 will be a pivotal year, and not only for manufacturers. An array of industries stand to benefit from changing the role smartphones play in our lives, turning what used to be mere phones into machines that not only make us work more efficiently, but also enable us to have more fun.

“The mass migration from feature phones to smartphones signals a behavioural change among consumers. Smartphone winners will not be defined by technical specs alone but by how they come together to enable experiences that are greater than the sum of the technical parts.

“People want instant and seamless access to information and services, they want to be able to watch videos on the go, sync their music libraries with no restrictions, play games and share files, and to know what their friends are up to, where to go and how to be there the quickest.

“Consequently, as content moves to the Cloud, network capacity and speed will be more important than ever.

“The UK is lagging behind in terms of network speed and the pressure is really on. Consumers will expect the capacity to keep up, welcoming improvements that will enable them to use their smartphones and tablets in new and more efficient ways.”