2012 predictions: Vodafone UK CEO Guy Laurence


Vodafone UK CEO Guy Laurence says mobile payments and m-commerce services will come to the fore this year, while more businesses will see how mobility can change the way they work

“The coming year will include some real high points for the UK’s mobile phone industry. Alongside the widespread adoption of services that will turn smartphones into wallets, there will be a summer of sport that looks set to become the biggest mobile event in history.

“The consumer love affair with apps will continue to blossom, while an increasing number of businesses will see the benefits of using mobility to transform the way they work.

“One of the high points will undoubtedly be this summer’s Olympic Games. It will not just be sporting records that are smashed, we are gearing up for the biggest mobile event in history as sports fans tweet, record and share their views and experiences with friends and family through their mobile phones.

“The new crop of smartphones will not just enable people to engage with events such as London 2012 – and the 11 music festivals that we are supporting through Vodafone VIP – they will increasingly enable users to access the new mobile payment and m-commerce services that will start to appear, in part as a result of our joint venture with Everything Everywhere and O2.”