2012 predictions: XLN Business Services CEO Christian Nellemann


Small businesses will realise the phone a staffer first brought into the office will have the greatest potential, says XLN Business Services CEO Christian Nellemann, while BYOD will continue to make inroads 

“We see 2012 as the year that businesses with one to five employees realise the smartest phone in the office with the greatest potential is the mobile phone the member of staff or owner brought into the workplace with them in their pocket.

“Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solutions that use this untapped resource will begin to make inroads at the same moment as the line between fixed and mobile blurs – to our industry these are different networks and customers but to the small business it’s simply communications.

“Another trend will involve the large fixed and mobile networks themselves. With consumer spending slowing and corporate spending on ice, these ‘grey giant’ telcos will once again discover the joy of SMEs and will declare all kinds of initiatives to attract small businesses.”