BrightPoint launches global rebrand


US based distributor BrightPoint replaces old logo and website and outlines new five step service plan

BrightPoint has undergone a major rebranding exercise changing its logo, website company colours and condensing its service areas into five parts.

The new logo is now yellow, green, red and blue replacing the yellow, red and black previously used by the company.

The previous ‘eclipse’ style logo is now replaced by a triangle, incorporating all the new colours.

It currently appears on the new website which is currently in use in the US and the UK as well as on company signage, stationary, promotional materials and templates.

According to BrightPoint executive vice president and chief marketing officer Larry Paulson (pictured) the new branding is more in line with the distributor’s approach to business.

“Our new brand identity – complete with new logo, colours and five service areas – is now more reflective of the modern, dynamic approach we take to our full suite of end-to-end supply chain and customization solutions,” Paulson said.

Paulson, announcing the change on the company’s new website also highlighted the new service areas the company will focus on.

These are Plan, Market, Customise, Move and Recover.

“Plan” will incorporate forecast and the management of supply chain life cycles, while “Market” incorporates creating demand and access of sales channel.

“Customise” includes the configuration, preparation and enabling of devices, “Move” the delivery of devices and “Recover” involves maximising value from recaptured devices.

“For us the device is at the centre of everything we do, and we understand that our ability to meet commitments -to deliver -is why we earn our customers business,” Paulson said.