2012 predictions: Alternative Networks CEO James Murray


Suppliers will have to continue to show they’re up for the task in a toughened B2B market, according to Alternative Networks CEO James Murray, with customers expecting more from them 

“The ongoing instability of the global economy will mean continued volatility in the business-to business market. These pressures will mean that customers will inevitably expect more, with a greater focus on ROI and with consistent levels of service at all times.

“Channel vendors will rely on their partners to be in as fit and robust a state as possible. Customers will depend on their suppliers to be strong enough in every aspect to face the challenges of 2012.

“Growth in smartphones will continue, along with increased penetration of tablets at all levels of businesses with increasingly sophisticated enterprise applications.

“The trend for sta using their own devices means there is a real need for organisations to support multiple mobile operating systems and increase the security of important corporate data across a range of devices through Mobile Device Management solutions.”