2012 predictions: Expansys CEO Anthony Catterson


Expansys CEO Anthony Catterson sees manufacturers and brands selling directly to consumers, following the lead so successfully built by Apple

2012 will be the year in which manufacturers and brands realise they could, and should, be deriving better margin and customer interaction and information from selling directly to consumers themselves. Once again Apple has led the way, and I expect the others to follow next year.

The smartphone market will dissect into three segments – premium design and functionality, mid-market and entry level – with three operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7 and 8) dominating.

I expect consumers to realise that they may have to pay for premium online content that is relevant to them (newspapers, sports and so on) and at least one of the carriers to develop a data model that consumers actually understand, and that gives the carrier a su cient return for their investment.

I also expect SIM-only to become the fastest-growing and most interesting aspect of the connected mobile world in the UK.