2012 predictions: Lebara chief strategy officer Andrew Monnery


The increasing number of MVNOs in the UK is likely to continue, according to Lebara Mobile chief strategy officer Andrew Monnery, but there will be some casualties

“2011 saw significant growth in the number of MVNO brands in the UK market, providing greater choice for customers and driving quality and innovation in the market.

“This trend looks set to continue into 2012, facilitated by MVNEs. However, new entrants need to be sure they can deliver a sustainable business model – we have already seen some MVNO failures and predict there will be more in 2012 and beyond.

“A core of long-lasting, industry-leading retail MVNOs with solid brand equity and that understand their customers looks set to remain.”


  1. ‘new entrants need a sustainable business model…..’ Oh and ‘well established leading retail MVNO brands (aka Tesco & ASDA) will continue to do well. The mans a genius…