2012 predictions: Nokia western Europe GM Conor Pierce


Nokia Western Europe general manager Conor Pierce thinks smartphone adoption will accelerate this year, driven by innovations in hardware and operating systems 

“2012 will be the year in which smartphone adoption will snowball and dominate all layers of the mobile market. The dynamics of the industry will evolve, providing consumers who were previously wary of the transition to a smartphone with the confidence to take this leap of faith.

“The market has been ready for a new challenge for some time. This choice will be driven in all areas of the ecosystem and will pave the way for a better-connected world in which more people are permanently online and ready to engage.

“Hardware innovations will mean we move away from the generic black boxes that dominate the shelves of phone stores to new designs that look and feel great and are built to last for the duration of a 24-month contract.

“Operating systems and services will take advantage of the opportunities provided by Cloud and location-based services and HTML5. The potential to innovate here is incredible.

“The smartphone game has only just started and the consumer is at the heart of everything we do. What a time to be part of it.”