2012 predictions: Cognatel CEO Mark Ashdown


Cognatel CEO Mark Ashdown sees differentiation and evolution being the key for MVNOs this year, with new business models emerging that tap into niche demographics

“2012 will be the year of the new niche. MVNOs will increasingly look beyond existing models and develop innovative propositions that will enable them to target a wide variety of niche audiences.

“Competition in the long-distance international marketplace has been intense and so we can expect differentiation to be very high on the agenda in the next 12 months.

“MVNOs that evolve their approach and their services to reach new markets, rather than continually fighting in the same competitive space, will be best positioned for the long term.

“We will see a whole raft of innovative business models spring up that will tap into new niche demographics such as the elderly and their carers as well as parents and their children.

“These MVNOs will be tailored to the very specific needs of their audiences and communities. As a result MVNOs will become far more disruptive in the mainstream mobile market.”