2012 predictions: Kondor managing director Rob Haycock


Kondor managing director Rob Haycock reckons that despite challenging economic conditions, accessories will continue in high demand as consumers look for differentiation 

“The accessories market will stay strong this year despite a further reduction in disposable income.

“This strength will come from long handset contracts that require accessories for differentiation and enhancement, as well as continued device innovation from fiercely competitive manufacturers that produces demand for compatible accessory ecosystems.

“Fundamentally, the fashionable nature of the industry ensures its products are high on the agenda for consumers.

“The continuing strong consumer demand for key devices will further expand the routes to market for accessories, as well as drawing in interest from suppliers and brands not traditionally associated with the mobile industry.

“The continuing pressure on retail will require vendors to enhance their consumer experience, services and, importantly, their margins, by having added-value accessory solutions for their customers.”