2012 predictions: Mobile Apps Warehouse MD David Hinc


Android will dominate the market but the vulnerability of the OS will see a sharp rise in malware threats, according to Mobile Apps Warehouse MD David Hinc, leading to the popularity of mobile security software soaring 

“Android will continue to dominate the smartphone and tablet markets throughout 2012. However, mobile malware threats will explode, exploiting the inherent vulnerability of the Android operating system and driving the adoption of mobile security software by consumers and businesses alike, in common with the PC market.

“Mobile credit and debit card transaction capabilities will debut and will quickly become commonplace, assisting in the further expansion of smartphone and tablet market opportunities for specialist B2B dealers.

“Symbian will buck industry analysts’ predictions and gain additional share in the smartphone market this year, driven by the Symbian Belle operating system and the device’s slick NFC capabilities.

“Nokia’s market share will further improve along with the acceptance and growth of Windows Mobile 8 devices and the simplicity of integration into Enterprise ERP and CRM systems it promises to deliver.

“Convergence, bolstered by the adoption and integration of smartphones within business, will contribute to many companies’ day-to-day activities.”