2012 predictions: Phonebox managing director Nigel Harrison


Phonebox MD Nigel Harrison reckons the convergence of mobile and fixed, growth in smartphone and tablet sales and uptake of hosted solutions will enable dealers to for a clearer plan for the future

“With improving connectivity, we’ll start to see true convergence enabling a completely new way of working this year.

“The convergence of mobile and fixed, the entry of Generation Y in to the workplace, growth in smartphone and tablet sales and increased uptake of hosted solutions all signal an end to traditional working while giving us a clearer picture of what the communications landscape will look like so we can plan accordingly.

“I see that there will be increasing consolidation in 2012 brought about by companies needing to secure the expertise necessary to take full advantage of these new opportunities. It’s happening already, but more companies will look to acquire complementary key partners and technologies to enable them to compete in new markets.”