2012 predictions: Qualitel managing director Mike Ridgway


There will be plenty of acquisition activity in the B2B sector, says Qualitel managing director Mike Ridgway, with dealers who don’t push a commodity on price being left behind

“There will be a massive landscape change during 2012. We will see a major overhaul, specifically rationalisation and acquisition in the B2B sector, leading to a leaner marketplace focused on capability and not necessarily volume.

“The capability that I see, is that to deliver them basic data-driven tariff, combine it with the specialised hardware knowledge and cement it with bespoke business application development – clearly demonstrating best-in-class knowledge and delivering a true B2B ‘value add’, by driving client remote productivity.

“This approach is fundamental to long-term growth and success, and those dealers who have always pushed a commodity on price could well be left behind.

“Real partner capability will in turn deliver the best value to the networks, and these partners will move closer to their preferred networks.

“2012 will undoubtedly see casualties, and there will be those who just choose to leave rather than embrace the future.

“The need to have in-house knowledge and true expertise will demonstrate where the traditional dealer now fits. If we deliver this to our B2B clients, loyalty and the ARP will take care of itself.”