2012 predictions: Frequency Telecom MD Gareth Limpenny


Frequency Telecom managing director Gareth Limpenny reckons the Cloud and NFC will make smartphones even more essential, while the networks will need to solve the problem of pressures on data coverage

In 2012, smartphones will become more sophisticated, with developments on newer initiatives such as the Cloud and Near Field technology making them even more indispensable, and the increasingly aggressive marketing campaigns from the big players will keep the profile high.

Manufacturers will rescale their distribution models to gain greater focus.

Smartphone usage will increasingly impact on network data coverage as users demand more, and the networks will need to find ways to manage this.

Suppliers with effective and efficient channel distribution strategies will continue to be successful. The demand for new mobile products and services will intensify during the year and retailers will continue to drive more revenue from non-core sales areas.