O2 to stage NFC app development competition


O2 and digital agency Isobar will hold the ‘Isobar Create London’ event to promote the development of NFC applications

O2 and digital communications agency Isobar will run an app development competition to explore the uses of NFC technology.

Participants at the event called ‘Isobar Create London’ will be asked to develop applications for four brand sponsored categories – retail, sporting events, finance and leisure and entertainment.

The winner will win a kick starter development fund as well as marketing support to help successfully launch their app in the market.

The event to be held on March 24th and 25th at Shoreditch Studios in East London will see developers both develop and pitch their apps before panel of judges.

These will include senior figures from Isobar, O2 and BlackBerry who are yet to be revealed. There will also be keynote address from Google Europe lead NFC engineer Brendan Mary.

O2 head of NFC Neil Rutter said: “We are really excited about the possibilities that Contactless offers.

“Through BlueVia, and events such as this, O2 is committed to supporting and enabling developer communities to deliver innovative applications for consumers and businesses using NFC technology, limited only by their imagination.

Isobar head of innovation Dom O’Brien (pictured) said: “Near Field Communication is an exciting new technology that’s going to have a big impact on all our lives.

“Isobar Create London is an open event for the best developers and designers to come together to accelerate knowledge and understanding of how NFC will impact sporting events and the leisure and retail industries.”