MWC: Telefónica and Mozilla to create new mobile platform


Duo combine to create new mobile platform which they said is an “important step forward in the establishment of HTML5 as the next major ecosystem for smartphones” 

Telefónica Digital and Mozilla, the firm behind the Firefox web browser, will create a new mobile platform to deliver the first HTML5-based devices running on the open web.

The Open Web Devices platform will launch this year. The companies said it is an “important step forward in the establishment of HTML5 as the next major ecosystem for smartphones, and will enable the delivery of smartphone capabilities at low price points.”

The new phone architecture will rely entirely on the web, enabling HTML5 applications with full access to core phone APIs.

It means all of the device’s capabilities (calling, messaging, browsing and games) can be developed as HTML applications and executed via an experience based on the Firefox web browser.

Telefónica Digital added an operating system based on HTML5 offers significant opportunities for application developers, content owners and service providers, both in terms of new capabilities, as well as making it easier to develop, deploy and maintain their applications.

Telefónica Digital director of product development and innovation Carlos Domingo said: “Telefónica’s objective is to drive HTML5 adoption across the industry. For the first time the capabilities of HTML5 and the open Web have been fully leveraged to create an entirely new mobile platform.

“From our experience in Latin America we know that a huge part of the market is not being catered for by current smartphones. With new open Web devices we will be able to offer a smartphone experience at the right price point for these customers.”