MWC: Telefónica to launch split personality device in the Cloud


Dual Persona service will allow the same smartphone to have settings for both personal and business use

Telefónica Digital is to launch Cloud service Dual Persona, enabling companies to manage all corporate smartphone applications while allowing those using device to have their own profiles.

The service, which uses Telefónica’s Cloud platform, will launch in the second quarter of 2012.

Using Dual Persona, a company’s IT manager can administer employees’ work profiles and professional smartphones on their Android devices whether they are personal or corporate devices.

A number of items can be managed, from the provisioning of new employees and the updating of applications and security programmes, to the removal of corporate information on the mobile device.

The IT manager will also have secure access readily available from the management console wherever it is located. Updating of professional profiles on the handset is done remotely.

Using mobile virtualisation technology supplied by VMware, each person’s professional profile operates alongside their personal one.

Employees are free to install applications and copy or download information on their personal profile.

However the professional profile is controlled by the company which decides which applications the user can accessand which security programmes apply to that profile.

This profile is also protected by encryption and can be blocked or erased by the IT manager.

Users can switch from one profile to another with one click, and can configure it so they can receive notifications from the applications in one profile whilst using the other.

Initially the service will only be available on Android devices, although the solution is likely to be made available to other operating systems in the near future.

The Samsung Galaxy S II will be the first handset available to use the Dual Persona service. Samsung is also working with Telefonica and VMWare to increase availability to other devices.

Telefónica Digital director of strategy and Cloud services Moisés Navarro said: “The Dual Persona service brings benefits to both users and companies. The user can use just one device, for both personal and work use whilst still maintaining privacy.

“The company has greater control and security over corporate information, increased efficiency and cost savings on mobiles, shorter provisioning and incident management time and, logically, employees will be more satisfied.”

Samsung UK and Ireland telecommunications and networks division managing director Simon Stanford said: “We are confident that the enterprise decision-makers will embrace Samsung mobile devices leading the Dual Persona service which flexibly enables both the personal and corporate uses.”