Vodafone Germany strikes deal to provide SIMs for BMW


SIMs  allow BMW’s ConnectedDrive cars to deliver new features and services such as auto-dialling emergency services and downloading traffic information

Cars made by German vehicle manufacturer BMW Group will be fitted with Vodafone Germany SIMs under a five-year deal agreed between the firms.

The SIM’s will be used to provide M2M connectivity for BMW’s ConnectedDrive cars sold in Germany.

Vodafone said its SIM’s would allow the cars to carry out tasks such as automatically dial emergency services in the event of an accident or helping drivers avoid traffic jams.

The operator said that the use of SIMs will become “even more crucial” for car makers from 2015 when the European Union’s “eCall” initiative to enable all cars to call the emergency services following a crash kicks in in 2015.

Vodafone said the SIMs it is providing have a lifespan of 10 years, have an anti-corrosive coating and can withstand temperatures between minus 40 and plus 85 degrees centigrade.