Sefton leaves O2 as new business director


Former Ericsson Enterprise VP of sales and marketing  Martin Harriman to fill the role as Sefton plans to launch a consultancy service

O2 new business director Tim Sefton has left the company after four years. He will now launch a strategy and innovation consultancy service, with O2 among its first clients.

Sefton (pictured) will be replaced by Martin Harriman from next month. Most recently he was executive vice president of US-based wireless broadband network manufacturer LightSquared for 18 months.

Harriman also worked for Ericsson for two years from 2006, holding a number of roles including vice president of sales and marketing of its enterprise division.

Sefton joined O2 in January 2008. He was the operator’s customer director for three years, before becoming new business director in January 2011.

“O2 has become widely respected for its brand built on customer focus and innovation,” he said. “I’m privileged to have been part of this and excited about the opportunity to develop similar strategies for a broad range of clients in the future.”

O2 UK CEO Ronan Dunne said: “Tim has put O2 in a leading position in many areas of new industry growth and leaves us in a strong position. I wish him every success for his new venture and look forward to our continued association.”