Vodafone CEO slams regulator’s decision to green-light EE 4G plans


Guy Laurence shows anger at “head-start” given to UK’s largest operator, saying it could harm competition and delay the 4G spectrum auction

Vodafone CEO Guy Laurence (pictured) has launched a stinging attack on Ofcom and the government for giving the green light to Everything Everywhere’s (EE) plans to roll out 4G LTE services on the 1800MHz spectrum it already owns.

Laurence said: “Ofcom appears to have taken leave of its senses. The regulator has always stressed that competition is in the best interests of consumers and the British economy yet here it is all but agreeing to grant the largest player in the market a headstart on the next generation of mobile internet services.”

Laurence said that the decision not only gives EE a head start, but also gives the UK’s largest operator an incentive to use legal action to delay the 4G spectrum auction scheduled to take place towards the end of this year.

He said: “This decision leaves Everything Everywhere free to prevent anyone else from launching 4G services by bogging next year’s auction down in endless litigation.

“It has already threatened to do so once before. On Ofcom’s own admission, all the other players in the market require new spectrum in order to run LTE so Ofcom’s plan will deal a terrible blow to competition in the UK.”

He also claims the decision will widen the divide between areas which can get high-speed mobile broadband and those which receive little coverage.

“Vodafone UK shares the desire of both the regulator and the Government to see the next generation of mobile internet services rolled out quickly and placed within the reach of many more people in rural areas.

“But Everything Everywhere will be under no obligation to offer services to any rural areas. Ofcom’s plan risks further widening the digital divide in this country.

“We know the Government wants to be a friend to business but surely that shouldn’t mean giving the biggest player in the UK market such an undeserved advantage.”

Vodafone said it is not currently considering mounting a legal challenge to the decision and is engaging in the consultation process on the plans launched by Ofcom.

The deadline for operator submissions to the consultation is this Thursday (March 22).


  1. Utter rantings of a madman. Where were the complaints when voda enjoyed 8 years between 1985 and 1993 with unchanged pricing in the market.

    Where were the complaints about the 900 mhz spectrum they enjoyed with stronger in building coverage and cheaper build costs for their network.

    The reality is that EE will very shortly have a 99.3% coverage of UK population. Their infrastructure will allow them to offer 4G services UK wide.

    Strange how Voda bleat after enjoying years of legacy advantage