Mainline’s T-Mobile connections up 39pc on average a month


Everything Everywhere distributor says ongoing growth is down to network’s propositions and its own Mainline-exclusive incentives to its dealer base 

Mainline Digital Communications has reported an average 39 per cent increase in T-Mobile connections a month.

It said this has been driven by the attractiveness of the network’s propositions and Mainline-exclusive incentives to its dealer base.

These include a £20 bonus on all new business and consumer business contract connections, three months free Business Mobile Broadband and 25 per cent discount on all 12 month and 30 day Business SIM-only plans to all new and upgrading business customers.

Mainline managing director Andrew Boden said: “T-Mobile sales have been increasing steadily. We’re currently seeing an average of 39 per cent increase in connections per month, thanks to the network’s own initiatives and our own “Sky’s the Limit” promotion.

“Our dealers have really bought into the opportunity to earn fantastic rewards for every connection they make over a set target and it’s having a positive impact on their ability to achieve some great prizes.”