HTC launches global add campaign for new One range


Campaign featuring ‘real people’ recommending HTC devices to kick off next Wednesday with ad featuring skydiving photography student

HTC is launching a global ad campaign which will feature “real people” recommending its new HTC One range of handsets.

The first phase of the campaign will feature TV ads showing a photography student, Nick Jojola, using HTC One handsets to take images of a fashion model while skydiving in Arizona (pictured).

HTC has described the ad as the world’s first free fall fashion shoot.

The ads will premier in the UK next Wednesday night April 4 during the Ten O’Clock Show.

This will be followed by further ad segments starting on Thursday April 5, the day the handset goes on sale.

The ads will run in print and on outdoor billboards.

The campaign will then be extended using customer recommendations collected by HTC from social media and other sources, which be used in both online and above the line advertising.

HTC said that the “power of personal recommendations” was key to the marketing strategy for the One series.

HTC vice president of marketing Greg Fisher: “In a world where consumers have more say and more means to share their opinion than ever, personal recommendations are one of the most important factors in purchase decisions.

“We believe this is one of the most transparent campaigns in history, as we are set to embrace our consumer’s first –hand experiences and impressions of our new product and put their recommendations at the forefront of our communications.

“This ambitious marketing strategy is at the centre of driving HTC’s significant global growth targets in 2012 and beyond.”