Shebang in £15,000 clawback row with Manchester company


Call centre MJ Dispatch prepared to launch legal challenge against Shebang decision

Shebang Technologies Group has rejected accusations made by Manchester call centre MJ Dispatch that it is unfairly withholding £15,000 worth of commissions due to the firm.

Group CEO Iain Humphrey said he was aware of the complaint from MJ Dispatch and added that commissions would only be withheld if there had been a breach of terms and conditions.

Humphrey said: “MJ Dispatch is no longer dealing with us and they have suffered clawbacks before. We pay our commissions and wouldn’t keep any unfairly.

“Our terms are clear for anyone dealing with us. The majority of our dealers get paid. We wouldn’t withhold commission unless we felt it was necessary to do so.”

But MJ Dispatch claimed it is owed around £15,000 for 208 Three connections on 24-month contracts between August and November 2011. Shebang terminated its relationship with the company last month.

Shebang told MJ Dispatch on March 13 that it had chosen to cease its trading relationship with the call centre base on the “very high level of customer complaints and queries raised by your business”.

MJ Dispatch has denied this reason. It began working with Shebang in August 2011 and claimed that immediately it began to notice that commissions weren’t being paid.

It stopped trading with Shebang in January. It said that as a result of the money it believes it is owed not being paid, it has had to make five staff redundant.

A spokesperson for the firm said: “If Shebang isn’t prepared to pay us, we will have no hesitation in pursuing legal action against them.

“We’ve never had any question about the quality of the business we provide.

“We moved into our new building in Denton, Manchester, in January. We were relying on the money owed to us to repay the investment put into that move.

“However, as a result of not being paid, our staff numbers have now been reduced from 30 to 25 employees.

“But we had to ensure that we had the cash flow in place to cover the other staff that we employ.”

The spokesperson added that on two occasions – in March and the start of this month – the company had made attempts to resolve the issue of the claimed outstanding commissions if Shebang settled on £10,000, but MJ Dispatch says Shebang has not responded to its offer to take £5,000 less than it claims it is owed.

The spokesperson said: “I can’t understand why Shebang hasn’t replied to the offer we’ve made them. It would surely make good financial sense for them to agree to that, as opposed to paying us £5,000 more for the full amount that we’re owed.”

Humphrey strongly denied the accusation that Shebang wasn’t in the financial position to make all of its commission payments.

“We process more than 10,000 connections every month. If we couldn’t afford to pay we would have a lot more dealers complaining,” he said.