Nominum talks with two British operators ‘are into later stages’


Company has presented plans to provide its network management solution to a duo of unnamed UK networks  

US firm Nominum is targeting Vodafone, O2, Everything Everywhere, Three and Virgin Mobile and has submitted proposals to provide its DNS-based network management solution to at least two of the operators.

At Mobile World Congress, Nominum launched a suite of services that makes mobile networks more efficient and secure by managing the DNS system.

DNS provides a directory for devices and systems to connect to other parts of the web and internal operator networks.

Nominum mobile solutions general manager Doug Miller (pictured) said this was allowing the firm to go into operators with a more compelling proposition, but refused to reveal the names of those operators who were considering proposals from Nominum.

Miller said: “We are in the later stages of talks with two of the mobile networks, and we have talked to all the operators.

“Some of the discussions that we are having are purely around security, so protecting against bots and bot networks.

“But a lot of the discussions we are having are on the control plane, protecting the network so it signals properly.

“A lot of the business that we do is the big tier-one providers, because they are the ones that are most aggressive about protecting their network.”

Nominum founder and chief science officer Paul Mockapetris invented the DNS system in the early 1980s to create a way for web addresses to be turned into IP addresses, and for computers and other devices to be able to work out where to find other devices to communicate with over the internet and other networks.

Nominum already works with BT and Virgin Media in the UK on providing DNS-based services for fixed-line delivery, and also works with mobile operators worldwide, such as Verizon in the US, Telefónica in Spain and Deutsche Telekom in Germany.

However, the firm is only now making a major push into the UK mobile market.