HSC dealers receive monthly bonuses boost


Airtime distributor adds to O2 and Orange partner programmes, including T-Mobile within the latter as a result of the formation of Everything Everywhere 

HSC has updated its O2 and Orange dealer partner programmes to include T-Mobile as well as offering additional bonus opportunities.

The airtime distributor has aligned T-Mobile with its Orange Select programme, which offers additional support and deal discounts and first launched in October last year.

The previous requirement for joining the programme was 50 Orange connections per quarter, but dealers now need to make 75 business connections across Orange and T-Mobile combined. There is an additional bonus of £15 on all connections made if this criterion is met.

HSC said partner numbers in the Select Programme increased from 15 in Q1 to 23 in Q2 this year, with some partners boosting sales by more than 30 per cent.

HSC also organised a dealer event at Everything Everywhere’s (EE) head offices in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, on April 18 to provide details of the revised scheme. EE gave a presentation on future product and service launches at the event.

HSC sales manager Carlos Pestana said: “We wanted to be able to develop and reward our T-Mobile business dealers in the same way as we do Orange.

“We have seen the increased focus these partners have given Orange and it was a simple decision to widen the programme to include T-Mobile.

“We are able to give additional support and higher commercials to a larger community of dealers who can all use the benefits to help them win more business.”

HSC has also made changes to its O2 Approved partner programme, meaning dealers must now connect 25 landline connections per quarter, in addition to the 75 mobile voice connections, to be part of the scheme. HSC is offering a £25 bonus per connection if this requirement is met.

Dealers now receive £50 for each O2 landline and broadband connection they make. They also receive double Online Accumulator points.

HSC has also extended its Perfect 10 CSI initiative, created by O2, until June 30. The scheme launched on February 1 and was due to end on March 31. It is designed to help dealers increase their awareness of customer base management.

Any Approved dealers scoring maximum points will receive a free Apple iPad 2 from HSC.

Pestana added: “We have developed our bonus structure and entry criteria to place enhanced value on maintaining a healthy, regular relationship with customers.

“O2 recognises this is what helps win and retain business in today’s highly competitive market and HSC is keen to support this moving forward.

“Landline has always been a strong product for HSC and with our expert support and admin support we feel that we are well placed to help dealers achieve more in this area.”