Bemilo prepay offering launches in the UK


Company claims it is the UK’s safest mobile network, giving parents full control of their child’s mobile service

Bemilo has launched, with company claiming it is the UK’s safest mobile network by enabling parents to control their child’s mobile usage.

Parents can do this through a parentally controlled web page accessed through their Bemilo account, where they can manage features including monthly costs, all calls and text messages and when a phone can be used. This can be accessed via Bemilo account from a PC, laptop or mobile.

The 12-month Bemilo prepay package costs £3.95 a month and is available to buy at Carphone Warehouse stores and via the Bemilo website. Calls are 10p a minute, text messages cost 10p for each one sent, with data costing 25p per megabyte.

Those buying the annual pack will receive a 25 per cent discount, the equivalent of paying £2.95 a month.

Bemilo founder and chairman Simon Goff said: “Bemilo has beaten all the regulators to launch the UK’s first safe mobile network. It’s the ultimate customer champion and the first mobile network in the UK to have listened to parents, offering them complete control of their child’s mobile activity, and answers all the concerns of governments and regulators.”