Google completes £7.9bn Motorola acqusition


Android OS maker completes deal days after receiving authorisation from Chinese authorities

Google has completed the £7.9 billion acquisition of Motorla Mobility days after receiving clearance from Chinese regulators.

Google has said that Motorla’s portfolio of 17,000 patents was the primary driver for the acquisition.

The search giant is keen to use Motorola’s patents to protect the Android operating system, which has attracted law suits from Google rivals such as Apple and Microsoft.

Motorola will continue to make handsets, but Google has said it will be run at arms length to avoid conflicts with other manufacturers, such as HTC and Samsung, who also use the Android OS.

The deal’s completion comes just days after Chinese regulators approved the takeover on condition that Android remains free to partners for the next five years.

The acquisition, which was announced last August, had already received the go-ahead from regulators in the US and Europe in February.