Everything Everywhere completes network merge


T-Mobile and Orange customers will automatically be switched between networks to ensure strong signal in final stage of “big switch-on” network merging project

Orange and T-Mobile customers will automatically be switched on to the network with the stronger signal if their connection drops below a certain level in the final stage of Everything Everywhere’s (EE) project to merge the two networks.

EE said the new “smart signal sharing” system will kick in when signal on a handset, dongle or tablet drops to around one bar.

EE said the introduction of smart signal sharing is the final stage in its “big switch-on” programme which began in October 2010 when the firm allowed customers of both the Orange and T-Mobile brands to to use either network’s 2G signal.

The programme is part or a wider network evolution project, which EE says is costing £1.4 million each day.

EE CEO Olaf Swantee (pictured) said: “Smart Signal Sharing marks the completion of the Orange and T-Mobile signal integration project, which provides our 27.5million customers with the widest 2G and 3G coverage available in Britain today.

“The launch is yet another proofpoint to our commitment to provide our customers with the best network in the UK – now and in the future.

“Our continued investment into the network, including the launch of 50% faster 3G speeds through HSPA+, allows our customers to access the internet, social networks or download emails faster in more places than ever before.”