EE trials NFC payments with coach firm Stagecoach


Stagecoach customers in Cambridgeshire trial smart bus tickets using Everything Everywhere contactless technology

Everything Everywhere (EE) and transport firm Stagecoach have announced details of an ongoing trial into contactless tickets on customer’s mobile phones, which, if successful could be adopted nationwide on selected services next year.

For the duration of the trial, currently taking place in Cambridgeshire, a small cross-section of passengers were given a ‘Quick Tap’ enabled handset by the network operator loaded with an app which enables them to receive, store and then validate their bus tickets on smartcard readers.

Results of the trial will be monitored by the Department for Transport, taking into account customer convenience and technological effectiveness. The scheme fits in with the Government’s aim of enabling most journeys by public transport to use smart ticketing by the end of 2014.

EE chief marketing officer Gerry McQuade said: “We’ve already started a new movement in the way we make payments and receive retail rewards on the high street, so this really is the next step – providing customers with additional simplicity and convenience to help improve their public transport experience.”

Stagecoach group finance director Martin Griffiths added: “Smart phones are playing an increasingly important role in helping people manage their busy lifestyles and are already used across many areas of life. We believe this technology can also make public transport easier and more convenient to use. Once this trial is complete, we will carry out a review of the findings and assess the potential to expand the scheme further for our passengers.”