Competition to develop app for elderly or disabled launched


Vodafone Foundation and European charities appeal for developers to create apps aimed at disadvantaged sectors of society

A competition for app developers to design programmes which are more accessible to older and disabled people has been launched by the Vodafone Foundation.

The Smart Accessibility Awards – a pan-European contest which will be judged in early December – is intended to raise awareness that some disadvantaged people are ‘missing out on the smartphone revolution’ due to their inability to use popular apps.

The awards have been supported and co-organised by AGE Platform Europe, which represents 165 age-related organisations, and the European Disability Forum.

AGE Platform Europe secretary-general Anne-Sophie Parent said: “In an increasingly digitalised society, more and more essential information and services are available on smartphones. To access them, persons with disabilities require applications designed for all in order to enjoy the right information, full participation and mobility as any other European citizen (does).”

“Smartphones are transforming how millions of people manage their daily lives but some groups in society are missing out on the revolution,” added Vodafone Foundation director Andrew Dunnett. “The Smart Accessibility Awards is one of the many Vodafone Foundation programmes around the world which are tackling the diverse barriers to a fully accessible mobile internet.”

The competition is open until October 15 and will recognise the best app in four different categories: social participation, independent living, mobility and wellbeing.