EE to spend £50m on customer services overhaul


Everything Everywhere to set up academy to train all 12,000 staff in operating systems and devices in “fundamental” shift for customer services

Everything Everything (EE) is spending £50 million on an overhaul of its customer services operation which will see specialist staff trained on mobile operating systems and handsets.

EE said the changes, which it described as a “fundamental shift” had proven successful in trials which showed “dramatic” improvements in solving customer queries at the first point of contact and double digit increases in net promotor scores, which measure how likely a customer is to recommend a product or service.

EE chief customer officer Jackie O’Leary said: “It is our goal to create the best customer experience in the UK so that customers can trust us with their digital lives.

“This new service approach responds directly to how our customers are now using their devices, the service they expect and how our people look after them.

“Being the first in the industry to champion something new is exciting and we are extremely pleased by the amazing feedback we are receiving from our customers, our people and the handset manufacturers and operating systems we represent.”

The investment will see EE create a development academy across its services operation which will provide up to 7,000 staff with training in operarating systems and the chance to an accreditation in specialist areas.

The programme will be extended to retail and online channels to encompass all EE’s 12,000 staff later this year.

EE said it is also continuing the refresh of its retail estate.

The changes have already included the introduction of T-Mobile dongle sales to Orange stores, and this week T-Mobile stores will begin selling Orange Broadband as well.