O2 Money launches insurance for tablet devices


Two tiers of insurance policies costing £10 and £15 a month available for Apple iPads and Samsung Galaxy Tabs, with available range extended in the coming months

O2 Money has launched ‘Tablet Insurance’, giving customers from any network the opportunity to cover their tablet if it is lost, stolen or damaged.

Tablet Insurance is available in two tiers. The first covers stolen or damaged tablets for £10 a month; the second covers lost, stolen or damaged tablets for £15 a month. Worldwide cover is included.

The policies are currently available for Apple iPads and Samsung Galaxy Tabs; this will be extended to a wider range in the coming months. Customers must apply for cover before their tablet is 90 days old.

Customers are advised to report claims to O2 Customer Services. Most customers with an accepted claim will receive a replacement tablet the next business day, with the same make and model where possible. If the customer is abroad at the time, the replacement tablet will be delivered to a UK address on their return.

The operator said more than half a million customers use the company to insure their mobile handsets and for over 80 per cent of accepted claims, the customer receives a replacement device the next day.

A new O2 Guru support service has also been set up at www.o2.co.uk/money/tabletinsurance to help customers store and back-up their data and images so they can be retrieved should their tablet need to be replaced.

O2 Money managing director James le Brocq said: “We urge consumers to take a little time and ensure their valuable tablets are adequately insured. We’ve taken care to develop this policy to ensure it provides the cover our customers expect and gets them connected again as quickly as possible.”