Daisy Distribution launches customer satisfaction initiative


Toolkit provided to dealers designed to enable them to communicate with their customers efficiently and effectively

Daisy Distribution has launched a customer service initiative to help its dealers improve their retention and customer revenue growth.

Dealers can now access a guide to delivering a best customer practice experience, combined with a communications matrix demonstrating the frequency and content of their customer communications in order to keep their base informed.

Daisy Distribution has also made an undisclosed investment into an e-marketing platform to offer dealers access to an email broadcast system so they can target their customers directly.

The distributor supplies airtime from O2, Vodafone and Everything Everywhere and is making this facility available for partners connecting to these operators.

Successful partners in terms of their customer satisfaction index scores will be certified and accreditations will be provided for use within their own marketing literature.

Daisy Distribution marketing director Julien Parven said: “This initiative is the cornerstone of our strategy for this financial year. We want to impress on all partners the importance of effective customer communications, turning customers into advocates for our partners and ultimately helping to protect their business from the threat of churn.

“Customers who are engaged and happy are significantly more likely to stay with you and then increase their holding with your product and services. A happy customer can ultimately become a silent salesperson for your business, influencing others to join.

“The initiative we have launched gives our partners a tool to base their customer communications strategy on. We will even help them devise and design their own bespoke communications material. As a business we have invested significantly in this project to make it free to access for our partners and measurable in terms of being able to manage customer behaviour.”